Vault Cloud

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Vault Cloud is Agile Digital’s choice for secure cloud computing and storage with an ‘onshore guarantee’. This ASD certified cloud brings together scalability, flexibility and open standards.

This is couples with the highest levels of security, privacy, governance, and physical & legal sovereignty. Vault Cloud is perfectly suited for the secure workloads of Australian federal, state and local government agencies and their partners.


Who are Vault Cloud?

It is designed to meet and exceed Australian Government information security requirements. Vault is IRAP assessed and ASD certified for cloud services supporting highly secure PROTECTED workloads and supports Privacy Act compliance with data sovereignty issues solved by default.

How can Vault Cloud help?

Vault Cloud is highly trusted for data security and sovereignty. It is a great solution for hyperscale performance for both cloud-native and legacy workloads and shows reliability and resilience through automated health checks. Vault Cloud achieves this through correct tools, cloud expertise, and ease of adoption. Their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is considered as your strongroom in the cloud.

As a Vault Cloud partner, Agile Digital deploys solutions to Vault’s OpenStack Certified Government Community Cloud to deliver highly available, secure, elastic solutions. These solutions have multiple levels of data redundancy via geographically independent ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO50001 certified data centres.

Vault Cloud is an Australian-owned and operated company providing cloud services with a ground-up commitment to security.

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