Red Hat – The World’s Leader in Open Source Solutions. They provide the Red Hat Enterprise Linux® operating system to ensure ease of use.

Agile Digital are a Red Hat Partner.

Red Hat are the pioneers in the application of open source technologies to the world’s largest business and government enterprises. Other than offering the world’s best supported enterprise Linux server technologies Red Hat also offer OpenShift® technology which eases cloud-deployments for the very largest of use cases.


What do Red Hat do?

An estimated 40% of the world’s web-connected servers are now running Linux. This powerful operating system continues to grow in leaps and bounds, driven by success in high performance and cloud computing. Linux is pervasive – but what makes it ready for the pragmatic needs of the enterprise organisation? The clear answer is Red Hat – the global powerhouse for Linux technology. Red Hat provides the Red Hat Enterprise Linux® operating system and JBoss middleware in addition to a suite of management product, support and training services geared for large organisations.

As a Red Hat partner, Agile digital can help implement this technology solution in an enterprise environment.

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