Who are they?

Lightbend are the creators and commercial support behind the Reactive Platform. This powerful platform spans leading technologies including Scala, Akka, Play and Spark. The vision of the Reactive Platform is to drive the next generation of responsive, resilient and elastic software applications that will power the Internet of things and beyond. Agile Digital have been realising the benefits of the Lightbend platform since 2010 and are certified Lightbend Training providers in Australia.

As an official partner we’re proud to offer Lightbend training of the following official courses:

  1. Fast Track to Scala
  2. Fast Track to Play with Scala
  3. Fast Track to Akka with Scala
  4. Advanced Akka with Scala

Contact us to learn more about our certified Scala Training courses on 1300-858-277 or via email at lightbend@agiledigital.com.au