Hasura is a leading provider of instant GraphQL APIs for your data sources, making it simple to connect databases and other services to your applications. Their platform ensures seamless data integration, enabling efficient and secure data access and manipulation.

Hasura offers enterprise-scale solutions that empower organisations to build, deploy, and scale applications with a real-time GraphQL API layer, accelerating digital transformation efforts.

Agile Digital’s experts are qualified to deploy and extend Hasura’s platform, ensuring robust and scalable data integration for organisations prioritising efficiency and security in their digital workflows.



Who is Hasura?

Hasura simplifies the process of connecting databases and other services to your applications through instant GraphQL APIs. They are a global leader in providing real-time GraphQL APIs, enabling efficient and secure data access and integration. Hasura plays a key role in our enterprise software development projects, especially when real-time data access and manipulation are essential.

Hasura’s commitment to open-source and transparency ensures clients have peace of mind with seamless and secure integration into their enterprise systems. They offer a powerful and flexible API layer that enhances the capabilities of modern applications.

What does Hasura do?

Hasura’s innovative focus on real-time data access, security, and scalability makes their platform the ideal choice for modern digital enterprises. The Hasura GraphQL Engine offers these key features:

  • Instant GraphQL APIs: Automatically generate a GraphQL API from your existing databases and services, providing a unified data access layer.
  • Real-time Queries: Enable real-time data updates with subscriptions and live queries, ensuring your applications are always up-to-date.
  • Authorisation: Implement fine-grained access controls to secure your data and ensure only authorised users can access sensitive information.
  • Remote Schemas: Integrate multiple GraphQL services into a single unified API, simplifying data access across different services.
  • Event Triggers: Build event-driven architectures by triggering serverless functions or webhooks based on database events.
  • Performance Optimisation: Ensure high performance and scalability with features like query caching and response batching.

How can Hasura help?

Hasura is on a mission to transform how organisations approach data integration and API management. Their platform enables rapid development and deployment of data-driven applications, with real-time capabilities at its core.

In today’s digital world, efficient and secure data access is crucial. Hasura provides the tools necessary to build robust and scalable applications, whether you are dealing with relational databases, REST APIs, or other data sources. With Hasura, you can ensure your applications are always up-to-date and secure, meeting the demands of modern digital workflows.

Agile Digital is both qualified and certified to design and deploy tailored GraphQL API architectures using Hasura, ensuring your organisation is prepared for the challenges of the digital age.