Who are ForgeRock?

ForgeRock is a pure-play Enterprise Identity & Access Management (IAM) technology. Their products are foundational to our enterprise software development projects when security is front of mind.

ForgeRock is one of the few enterprise platform companies making visionary R&D investment into how personal identities and data can be protected as the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) hyper-scales the connectedness that is already stressing ICT systems security.

We trust ForgeRock for our customers. ForgeRock’s clients are given transparent access to the platform’s source code. Which means peace of mind for what’s under the hood, and seamless secure integration with other enterprise systems.

What do ForgeRock do?

ForgeRock’s innovative focus on identity, trust, hyper-connectivity & intelligent automation makes this platform the right choice for secure digital transformation. The ForgeRock Identity Platform offers these products to span the critical concerns of a digital enterprise:

  • Access Management for user authentication, authorisation, federation, adaptive risk controls, user-managed access (UMA) and social logins.
  • Identity Gateway for a open-standards based policy enforcement point that can work with any web applications, application programming interfaces (APIs) and devices.
  • Edge Security for ensuring ongoing authenticity and authorisation of connected IoT devices, their transactions and data streams.
  • Identity Management to manage the full lifecycle of identity & device registration, provisioning, synchronisation, and finalisation.
  • Profile and Privacy Management as a user self-service dashboard to meet the requirements of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) “no more data about you without you” consumer rights.
  • Directory Services as a foundational entity directory supporting tens-of-thousands of entity authentications per second.

How can ForgeRock help?

ForgeRock are on a mission to transform the way organisations approach identity and access management. This stems from a future vision that identity will be found at the core of all digital workflows.

Gone are the days where simple username & password credentials suffice to properly authenticate somebody or something seeking access to IT systems. We are now in an age where every entity has an identity – from humans to smart devices to digital assets like Bitcoins. In our digital world, understanding who or what is accessing our data – and the relationships between them – is more important than ever.

ForgeRock partner Agile Digital is both qualified and certified to design & deploy a tailored identity architecture to ensure your organisation is prepared and protected for the ‘Identity-of-Things’ era.

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