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Blockchain technology has been referred to as the “Internet of Trust”. A blockchain (or distributed ledger) is a series of data records agreed over time by the consensus of multiple parties – recorded in such a way that the shared ledger of transactions can never be tampered with.

Agile Digital is a strong advocate for the future of distributed ledger technology (DLT) to power a new generation of digital systems that powered by irrefutable shared truths. We are a corporate member of Blockchain Australia, the association dedicated to the education, policy development and promotion of blockchain technology in Australia.


Who are Blockchain Australia?

Blockchain Australia are Australia’s peak body promoting blockchain innovation in Austraila. Blockchain Australia is the industry body that represents Australian businesses and professionals participating in the digital economy through blockchain technology.

How can Blockchain Australia help?

Together with the Blockchain Australia community we are committed supporters of the National Blockchain Roadmap by working on.the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industry and government across Australia to drive digital innovation across all sectors of our economy.

What is distributed ledger technology (DLT)?

Blockchain distributed ledger technology is ushering in the so-called “internet of trust”. A blockchain is essentially a shared chain of historical data records that are written by the consent of multiple parties and are tamperproof. This seemingly straightforward concept is underpinned by cryptography and protocols that ensure a shared view of recorded history between blockchain network participants.

Agile Digital are strong proponents for the future of this distributed ledger technology, specifically as it relates to next-generation solutions to asset tracking, digital identification, document notarisation, transaction auditing, smart contracts, and supply chain management.

A blockchain thus gives all participants in a network full confidence in the provenance and authenticity of a shared recorded history.

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