Blockchain distributed ledger technology is ushering in the so-called “Internet of Trust”. A blockchain is essentially a shared chain of historical records that cannot be altered. This seemingly straightforward concept is underpinned by cryptography and protocols that ensure a shared view of recorded history between blockchain network participants.

A blockchain thus gives all participants in a network full confidence in the provenance and authenticity of recorded history. Agile Digital are strong proponents for the future of this distributed ledger technology, specifically as it relates to next-generation solutions to asset tracking, digital identification, document notarisation, transaction auditing, smart contracts, and produce provenance.

Agile Digital’s experts have worked with Blockchain technology to create APEC Connect, a demonstration application in Vietnam that showed how even the smallest of businesses can leverage blockchain to build an online identity and trade globally.

Another blockchain-backed innovation delivered by Agile Digital has been to support health research and data privacy at Australia’s Department of Health.