Who are they?

Atlassian are open collaboration specialists. This Australian start-up gone global provides organisations with tools to capture and radiate information, progress and track projects, and simplify release pipelines, among other uses. The flexibility of Atlassian products makes it a great solution for any business problem.

How can they help?

The Atlassian solution range offers these products to minimise enterprise pain-points and enable effective teamwork:

  • Confluence for open collaboration and transparent documentation of knowledge.
  • Jira Software unlocks the power of agile and kanban by giving your team the tools to easily create stories, build a sprint backlog, visualise team activity, and report on your projects progress.
  • Jira Core for business teams to develop organised, task-oriented projects.
  • Enterprise DevOps Toolchain (encapsulating Bamboo, Clover, Crowd, Crucible, Fisheye and Bitbucket) to enable teams to build faster, automated, more reliable release pipelines.

What is a partners role?

As an official Solution Partner, our qualified team are proud to offer Atlassian services, implementation, consulting, and unique solutions that help clients create what’s next. Our expertise with the Atlassian platform is particularly focussed on building enterprise capability to consistently deliver major projects and build efficiency into enterprise operations.

Need an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner? Contact us to learn more about our Atlassian Solutions on 1300-858-277 or email us at atlassian@agiledigital.com.au.