The Background

The accounting industry is undergoing a process of core transformation as modern digital changes increasingly impact this well-established industry.

Traditional accountancy & taxation professional services are being significantly disrupted by digital innovations that are both elevating customer experience and streamlining back-office operations. The vision of leading accountancy RSM Bird Cameron is to extend its competitive advantage across digital (online) services provision, constantly innovating for its customers and driving the future growth of the business.

The Approach


  • Analysed and assessed market disruption from dual technology macro trends of automation and intelligent analytics.
  • Elucidated a “digital future” in which RSM Bird Cameron continues to thrive through digitally powered services/products.
  • Defined a high-level “Digital Architecture” for the RSM Bird Cameron enterprise;
  • Defined a “Service Provision Pipeline” where new digital services may be identified, scoped, designed, implemented and evaluated.
  • Developed a high-level Strategic Roadmap for Digital Transformation to position RSM Bird Cameron as a leader in the digitally-powered accounting industry.

The Result

Agile Digital successfully delivered on all aspects of the consultancy goals, including branding and creation of the “RSM Digital. Ready. Set. Move.” executive presentation.

RSM Bird Cameron are committed to delivering superior digital-first services to our clients right across our national practice. Agile Digital have engaged with our team to provide expert consultancy on our strategy for digital services innovation. We’ve been very pleased with the result and look forward to working with the Agile team again.”

Andrew Sykes (Director, RSM Bird Cameron)

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