The Background

The IP Folio app was designed and developed by Agile Digital in partnership with IP Australia to help Australian businesses stay up-to-date with their IP rights. By using the app to find and “watch” a trade mark, users receive notifications for any update to that trade mark’s application or registration.

IP Folio provides individuals with a convenient way to keep track of their IP assets without the hassle of having to contact IP Australia. This not only saves Australians time and money but encourages businesses to take an active interest in monitoring their IP rights. In the future IP Folio will allow rights holders to not only track but also manage their digital portfolio directly from their smartphone.

The Mission

Following the success of Portfolio View (a web-based IP rights discovery platform also developed by Agile Digital) IP Folio was conceived by IP Australia to strengthen the agency’s digital offerings and improve customer experience. The Agile Digital team have created aesthetic, responsive and user-friendly apps for both iPhone and Android devices that leverage & extend the Portfolio View platform.

The initial iPhone-based solution was delivered from concept to App Store in 3 months.

The Approach

Agile Digital is providing next-generation customer service facilities for IP Australia by deploying the latest technologies into the secure government cloud from Vault Systems.

IP Folio is an innovative Beta service included in IP Australia’s Alpha Beta Products.

The Result

The release of the IP Folio app gives users a tool to follow relevant trade marks and patents as the first stage of the IP folio initiative. Subsequent versions will see the app serve as a digital wallet for organising all IP rights in one place – trade marks, patents, designs and plant breeder rights.

Agile Digital is proud to have a well-established and ongoing relationship with IP Australia which was again strengthened during the IP Folio App project. Agile digital will continue its work with IP Australia in order to see improved app releases in the near future.

IP Folio is available for free in the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store.

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