The Background

The Department of the Environment operates a complex computing environment often including critical systems running on “end of life” technology. During this project, Agile Digital were engaged to review the current state of the Environmental Assessment System (EASy) to assess its suitability for an upgrade to a contemporary application server (JBoss version 6). Following assessment Agile Digital’s software engineers were to upgrade all program code and release this modernised system for validation, testing and release.

The Mission

To ensure a successful system upgrade and migration Agile Digital were required to:

  • Assess the legacy application code base for migration readiness;
  • Identify risks and likely complications for project stakeholders;
  • Upgrade the system codebase for compliance with the new execution environment;
  • Test and release the upgraded EASy system to its production environment.


  • Pre-migration program code risk analysis
  • Major legacy system programming upgrade and migration
  • Regression testing and modern release automation

The Approach

The migration path for this enterprise Java application was from an “end of life” JBoss v4 application server to the new JBoss v6 operating environment. This involved substantial expert work in adapting the systems program code from compatibility with the JEE v1.2 specification to the contemporary JEE v6 specification.

Containerisation via Docker was a corner-stone of the projects success, permitting transparent reproduction of the old version and modern low-risk deployment of the new.

The Result

Agile Digital delivered this enterprise application migration on budget and on time. Environmental testing revealed that the software and system migration have been a complete success.

We went into this project feeling a little exposed to unknown technical risks. Agile Digital presented an experienced team with relevant skills, the work was done quickly and went smoothly. They were very professional, it was a good project.

Chris Gough (Director, Platform Services Section, Department of the Environment)

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