The Agile Digital team approach projects with a level of commitment and flexibility that is truly rare. The team were crucial to the timely delivery of Expert Connect, and their collaborative work with Data61 researchers has resulted in a beta platform which is professionally finished and which is already generating great interest.

Dr Rebecca Hinton, Partnership Programs Manager, Data61

The Project

With under three months to deliver, Agile Digital were to partner with Data61 computer scientists and user experience experts to design, implement, and launch an intelligent search engine for Australian expertise. The platform brief was to support innovators within industry (and Innovation Connections facilitators) to find the ideal Australian expert deemed most likely to be a valuable collaborator for a given technical challenge. As a public service this solution needed to meet Commonwealth Government accessibility and information security standards.

The Mission

To deliver a successful service there were key outcomes required of Expert Connect:

  • That it be an intuitive service making it easy for SMEs and Innovation Connectors to discover Australian experts with specific knowledge and a desire to collaborate;
  • that the service meet government accessibility and security standards;
  • the realisation of cutting edge Data61 search technologies with a commercial-grade web platform.


This project has been developed in tandem with Data61, with Agile Digital providing the experiential layer which integrates with Data61’s research-quality search technology for a full featured platform.

The experiential web application has been developed using the modern responsive React user interface in Javascript, which leverages a robust back end built on the Play Framework for Scala.


Agile Digital successfully codeveloped the service incorporating expertise from a wide variety of disciplines. Expert Connect was launched on schedule by Australia’s Assistant Minister for Innovation, the Hon Craig Laundy MP at the 2017 Data61+Live Conference. This project met its objectives in terms of delivering user value and yielded a Beta platform from which to make informed decisions regarding future development.

The project received two Merit Awards at the 2018 ACT iAwards in the categories of Infrastructure and Platforms Innovation of the Year and Public Sector and Government.