The Background

CSIRO‘s work touches every aspect of Australian life: from the molecules that build life to the molecules in space. Working from sites across the nation and around the globe, CSIRO’s thousands of staff are focussed on providing new ways to improve the quality of life. They also focus on the economic and social performance of a number of industry sectors through research and development.

The Mission

CSIRO is an Enterprise user of the Atlassian suite of products and uses the JIRA platform to provide custom business workflow solutions. Most recently it has developed a case management workflow solution for its Health and Safety Division to manage rehabilitation cases for its employees. As a Commonwealth agency CSIRO bears significant responsibilities for long-term record keeping and archival for all digital workflows. Agile Digital was engaged to develop a software solution that would integrate CSIRO’s Atlassian JIRA powered workflow system with the agency’s enterprise record keeping solution.

The Result

Agile Digital designed and developed this solution using enterprise Java technology to reliably and effectively integrate with the HP TRIM Records Management System and Atlassian-powered case management workflow of CSIRO. The system developed was required to detect key archival points during the enterprise workflow of corporate records and to interoperate with the TRIM API. This digital workflow archival solution was launched successfully on time and on budget.

When we needed to integrate our workflow solution with an enterprise records management system we selected Agile Digital’s technical experts for the project team. Their people engaged with reassuring professionalism and we’ve been very satisfied with the quality of the result.

Norman Spurr (Senior Manager, CSIRO IM&T)

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