The Background

Agile Digital were hired by The Consumers Health Forum of Australia as software specialists for the Real People, Real Data e-Health project — specifically the development of a healthcare experience data visualisation tool. They needed an online tool for gathering, analysing and presenting consumer health narratives.

The tool required:

  • Managing unstructured data into visually appealing journeys
  • Next generation programming languages
  • Advanced adaptive data visualisation algorithms
  • Scalable cloud-based solution
  • Collaborative prototyping and design

The Mission

CHF engaged Agile Digital to develop a consumer’s health journey visualisation application, named the Experience Wheel. Allowing policy-makers, consumer organisations and health services to visualise the highs and lows of a health journey in an aesthetically pleasing format. CHF developed the Experience Wheel format and collaborated with Agile Digital to prototype and extend the design and aesthetics of the visualisation.

CHF needed the Experience Wheel to be visually engaging and to accurately reflect the data behind the journey. The Experience Wheel would need to be able to handle varying numbers and sizes of stories, prioritise the most important to display, and measure factors of consumer centred care without any input or direction from the user.

The Approach

Agile Digital senior software developers created an adaptive algorithm to analyse consumer health stories, aggregate them on bulk and decide “best fit” visualisation of these stories on a non-linear path. In achieving this technical outcome the next-gen functional language (Scala) was leveraged and deployed using the Typesafe reactive platform.

This data visualisation solution was successfully developed and delivered into the Amazon EC2 cloud providing CHF with a cost-effective, scalable solution that will grow with their product’s success.

The Result

Agile Digital successfully delivered the Experience Wheel to CHF in 2014 allowing CHF to validate this visualisation approach with policymakers, consumer organisations and health services. This Experience Wheel visualisation is now positioned to play its role in supporting better health-care outcomes for all Australians.

Agile Digital worked with us to develop data visualisation software to support our ongoing mission to achieve safe, good quality and timely healthcare for all Australians. We felt included in the development process and appreciated that Agile Digital worked hard throughout the project to listen and understand what we needed. We liked the ‘agile’ approach – it meant we could refine our requirements as the project progressed.

Sarah Spiller (Consumer Relationships Manager, Consumers Health Forum of Australia)

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