The Background

The AEC is responsible for both conducting federal elections & referendums and for managing the Commonwealth electoral roll. Management of the Commonwealth electoral role heavily relies upon addressing information for several purposes such as determining voter enrolment location; verifying claims for enrolment by voters; determining enrolment entitlements; and for producing many roll and geographic products for third parties. This vital voter addressing information is managed and continually updated within the AEC information systems.

To assist in maintaining the electoral roll, and to comply with statutory obligations, the AEC has taken great strikes to align its Address Register data with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS). This Australian geographical framework was developed by the ABS for the purpose of informing its statistical publications (the most notable of which is the Australian census).

The Mission

Agile Digital has consulted to the AEC on the design and development of next-generation information systems that automatically determine which geographical unit (at various granularities) each Australian voter falls into, and to efficiently support business queries based upon these geographical areas.

This is a form of data processing supported by Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, for which Agile Digital was particularly well placed to serve the AEC in achieving geospatial data alignment with the ABS geographical framework using efficient GIS technologies.