Agile Digital have been a trusted software development partner to Allhomes since 2006. This team of talented, committed and professional software wizards have definitely played a big part in our success.

Peter Blackshaw (Founder, 2014)

The 2nd generation real estate technology platform developed by Agile Digital was launched into full service in December 2007. This software and infrastructure stack has proven extremely resilient, maintaining very rapid response times on its public website under loads of 2.5 million page views every day.

The Challenge

In 2006 All Homes made the strategic decision to have their entire technology platform re-engineered from the ground up. Agile Digital were engaged to undertake this major design and development program of work over 13 months culminating in December 2007. This was a significant undertaking constituting development of several public and subscription-access web portals that comprise the and platforms. The system user interface already consisted of many hundreds of dynamic screens and an array of advanced back-end functional systems (e.g., geospatial, structured data feeds, workflows, reporting, etc.). All Homes Pty Ltd demanded a contemporary solution that would provide in excess of 99.99% uptime whilst being cost effective to maintain with enterprise class scalability. This demanded a world-class software infrastructure spanning two independent data centres, replicating/distributed database servers and filesystems, and a mesh of hardware devices in redundant fail-over configurations.

Success Factors

Agile Digital was to architect, engineer, test and launch a complete technology platform for The new platform was required to provide all functionality present in the legacy site and to support 2+ million page views per day performance immediately upon its initial launch. Further, the system was to be: cost effective to maintain and scale; deliver 99.99+% uptime on a 24/7/365 basis; and be constructed such that future functional extensions could be easily incorporated.

Solution Architecture

Agile Digital designed the new generation platform as a described in this TechWorld article. The middleware was engineered using Enterprise Java upon the RedHat JBoss application server, with PostgreSQL providing relational database services. The infrastructure was conceived as several physical servers distributed between geographically disparate data centres. Aggressive content caching, service clustering and realtime replication of both structured (database) and unstructured (multimedia) data was engineered to ensure enterprise-class performance, robustness and scalability.

The Allhomes and Agile Digital Team


The new generation web platform was launched into full service on December 2007. The infrastructure and software stack has proven extremely resilient, maintaining rapid response times as it reliably services millions of page views each day. Agile Digital continues to be retained by All Homes Pty Ltd for operational support and ongoing platform development.

Red Hat have published a case study with further details.