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We worked with the team at Think Caddie to design and develop this leading online service to revolutionise the way individuals & businesses manage their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).




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Mandatory industry standards raise the stakes for professional development in organisations that need to track and record CPD activities to maintain industry certification. Regulated industries often have auditable compliance targets for staff training and development which is difficult to document and maintain manually.

Caddie was designed to make CPD management and compliance easy. It is an online platform designed for employees and employers to use for the organising and completion of CPD activities. Caddie helps employers to ensure they are supporting a fully certified workforce and helps employees to gain credit for the industry-relevant content that they consume as part of their daily work. In addition, the Caddie platform provides relevant industry-related content that is pre-approved for CPD, taking out the work of sourcing content and courses for employees.


Given the huge amount of content being consumed online by modern-day workers, the creators of Caddie recognised the opportunity to modernise the CPD process to accommodate the online employee who can now constantly learn on-the-job.

Named for the handy golf companion that carries a golfer’s tools-of-trade, Caddie wanted to facilitate the recording of CPD credentials for employers while also providing employees with industry-relevant material right at their fingertips.

It was critical that this platform provided the most relevant and up to date industry content in an easy-to-use and flexible format that could be accessed by employees and employers for their different requirements.


Agile Digital recommended a cloud-based integrated platform with high scalability. Using a lightweight web development framework, the technical teams were able to speedily deploy the site with coding resources well matched to requirements. This enabled Caddie to quickly deploy the product while provisioning the platform to grow as the subscriber base increased.

Users interact with the system via a single page application (SPA), delivering fast and responsive page performance. The platform is hosted entirely upon the Amazon Web Services (AWS) global cloud platform which offers a highly secure and flexible base for Caddie to expand and grow as they go.


The Think Caddie online service was launched on schedule and is eliminating the stress associated with CPD compliance for an increasingly large user base of thousands of subscribers.

Caddie is continuing to make CPD easier for professionals by working to account for learning and development activities that are undertaken online at any time.

As a first of its kind product, Caddie has leveraged the strength of the online environment to bring an innovative new offering to industry groups and it has been warmly received as evidenced by its rapidly growing subscriber base.

“Caddie is a 24/7/365 service aimed at time-poor industry professionals and their employers. This meant the software powering Caddie needed to be of the highest quality. So we reached out to Agile Digital, a team with a reputation we trusted for high stakes development. They’ve been great partners with our team and we’re very happy with the result.”

Shayne Bellato, Partner, ThinkCaddie 2018

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