Award-Winning Blockchain Brand Protection

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The Smart Trade Mark is an early-stage blockchain-backed technology conceived by Agile Digital with the alpha phase delivered in partnership with IP Australia to offer Australian trade mark owners a “digital identity” that delivers active protection against counterfeiters.


Smart Trade Mark


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IP Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for administering intellectual property (IP) rights for the economic benefit of Australians.

The Smart Trade Mark (STM) was designed to be a reliable tamper-proof digital fingerprint that can be used by buyers or other supply chain participants to ensure authenticity of Australian brands.

The Smart Trade Mark trial demonstrated a world-first innovation to digitise the intellectual property right of brand identity (the trade mark). The Smart Trade Mark concept has been continued into beta phase trials by IP Australia as an economical, trusted, and sustainable method of online brand anti-counterfeiting that is accessible to registered trade mark owners, even small businesses.


It is estimated that 3.3% of global trade is counterfeit, which is projected to cost US$4.2 trillion in lost revenues worldwide and to put 5.4 million jobs at risk in 2021.

Along with direct revenue loss, it puts reputation and future revenues of legitimate brands at risk. The only available deterrent against counterfeiters has been a legal lawsuit. Small business owners, however, were generally not able to take infringers to court because the court fees could amount to $100k-$130k – a sum hardly unaffordable to small manufacturers.

The innovation journey began in 2017 at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) trade ministers’ summit in Hanoi. Here, the Government of Vietnam, Google, and The Asia Foundation, sponsored a software development hackathon to deliver an online platform helping small retailers build a digital presence and access markets beyond national borders.

Agile Digital’s strategy lead and team partner won the hackathon with the APEC Connect app – an app and platform, aimed at enabling the smallest business owners to build an online export identity to prove goods authenticity globally using blockchain technology.


A collaboration between Agile Digital and IP Australia was aimed at protecting Australian brands/businesses from counterfeiting in overseas markets. We worked closely with IP Australia (as the Registrar of trade marks) to design the platform and validate the prototype in overseas markets, offering global consumers the confidence in the origin and journey of Australian export goods. The initial STM prototype platform was successfully demonstrated in export trials of Australian small goods (to Singapore) and wine (to China).

The Smart Trade Mark innovation (alpha) combined the identity strengths of emerging blockchain technology with the ‘identity right’ of a trade mark, to combat counterfeiting in global marketplaces.

The process starts when a trade mark owner is authenticated by IP Australia and is issued an encrypted Smart Trade Mark along with the digital Certificate of Authority – “the master key”. The owner can authorise third parties with an operational authority over trademarked products through the issue of digital “restricted keys”. Authorised participants of the supply chain can include exporters, warehouses, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. And, finally, consumers can ascertain product authenticity by scanning a certificate on product packaging with a smartphone and tracing its entire journey, as a proof of origin.


Together, we successfully piloted a technology that promises to help brands/businesses and consumers identify counterfeit merchandise.

Every step in the supply chain of Australian-produced merchandise was registered in a tamper-proof blockchain ledger, where the products leave an indelible trace throughout its journey to consumers – domestic or international.

The innovation of the Smart Trade Mark earned the Agile Digital and the IP Australia team these Australian industry awards:

  • The Australian Information Industry Association’s (AIIA) National Award for Public Sector & Government Innovation of the Year (2019)
  • The Australian Information Industry Association’s (AIIA) ACT Awards for the Digital Canberra iAward, Public Sector & Government, and Infrastructure and Platforms Innovation of the Year (2019)

Smart Trade Mark has now been extended by IP Australia into its beta phase as a platform that is easily operable with online ecosystems as the “Trust Badge”.