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When the COVID-19 pandemic was declared in March 2020 thousands of Australians experienced an immediate impact to their financial situation. Lenders struggled to manually process the massive influx of claims for financial hardship. Verifier engaged Agile Digital to help co-develop an automated consumer hardship application system in record time.




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About Verifier

Verifier is a global pioneer in consent driven data sharing and a RegTech company. Their mission is to enable people to get better outcomes by sharing their data – which is why making the COVID hardship process as simple, frictionless and human-centric as possible was our focus in developing this solution.


The rapid impact of COVID-19 necessitated a radical change to hardship claim processing through banks and lenders. Verifier recognised the need to streamline this process and created a tool for lenders to allow them to manage their customer requests quickly and effectively. Verifier approached Agile Digital seeking a rapid solution on a platform that was easy to navigate and that could be efficiently deployed for a range of lender clients.


When the pandemic hit and call centres were crippled, the volume of hardship applications soared to thousands per day. Highly stressed applicants needed an easy automated way to submit their claims and lenders needed a new solution to review applications and meet their obligations to respond within 28 days.

Verifier recognised the need for an immediate solution, and a highly ambitious goal of four weeks was set to deliver the project.


To address the tight time frame, Agile Digital’s team supported Verifier by tackling the consumer facing portal, building a scalable solution with clever design and implementation that enabled re-skinning of the user Interface and associated correspondence for multiple lender brands with only superficial changes to the solution. That enabled Verifier to focus on the fast track decision logic and operations portal modules – including the use of machine learning and the inclusion of plug-in automated verification tools.

By engaging remote resources, Agile Digital was able to safely and pragmatically contribute to the solution during a very challenging national lockdown.


Agile Digital delivered Verifier’s Hardship Toolkit on time. The Toolkit includes an online interactive form and a supporting operational portal to allow client applications to be submitted, processed and approved both quickly and seamlessly.

Having laid the foundations for the online form and operations portal, Verifier was able to launch its new financial hardship service in record time.

“We are very proud of this solution and delighted with Agile Digital’s role in making it happen in such an elegant way, in the midst of the COVID craziness of 2020.” – Paul Marando, Chief Technical Officer, Verifier

As a tech company, we are passionate about great development and developers. We have been working with Agile Digital for years as our technology thought partners, because they are, in our view, exemplary. In this case, Agile Digital helped us, help hundreds of thousands of Australians just when they needed help most.

Lisa Schutz, Chief Executive Officer, Verifier