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We designed and engineered Cinefly's core technology platform as a video production studio to make any smartphone owner a compelling video storyteller.




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After a night out with friends Kai Eris had an idea for a guided film-making experience to transform any smartphone owner into compelling video storyteller. After patenting his idea he secured funding and engaged Agile Digital to help him take the Cinefly vision from concept to software.

The vision for Cinefly is to give smartphone owners the ability to inform, engage and interact with the world through film. The Cinefly experience needed to be intuitive enough to point, shoot and create whilst delivering the features of a professional video editing studio on the consumer’s smartphone.


Kai brought his idea for Cinefly to Agile Digital to help bring his product vision to life based on our experience in audiovisual media and building scalable technology platforms. We were engaged to develop both a scalable cloud-native platform and smartphone user app that would take the Cinefly business to market success.


We followed our collaborative and iterative delivery approach with Cinefly to:

  • Market Research to explore the features, functionality and user experience best fit for smartphone film-makers.
  • User-Centric Design of a smartphone application to deliver a great user experience and harness the film-making capabilities of Cinefly.
  • Agile Development of an AWS-based platform to scalable support Cinefly’s unique film-making user experience.


Agile Digital delivered and continue to support Cinefly platform development, putting professional storyteller, scriptwriter, director, editor, music composer and full post-production capability in the palm of the hand. 

“There are teams that will deliver on time and on budget, and pull out every stop to make sure they can, and do, every time. Agile Digital is that team. I’ve had the pleasure of working with their talented team on several occasions and in every case they haven’t failed to impress. If you need a technology solution, they’ll make it happen.”

Kai Eris, CEO, Cinefly

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