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Accelerating the growth of this media tech leader with cloud-native scalable systems, agile development practices, and a secure data infrastructure for near real-time visibility of global operations.






2018 - Present

Technology Themes

Agile Delivery Methods Amazon Web Services (AWS) API-Led Data Integration Cloud DevOps Cloud-Native Architecture Microsoft Power BI Snowflake Cloud Data Warehousing User Interface Accessibility (A11Y)

About Ai-Media

Ai-Media (ASX:AIM) is a leading provider of digital services that make its client’s recorded and live media more accessible to audiences worldwide. The company has grown from its founding in 2003 on an ongoing mission to make the world’s media content more inclusive for people with impaired vision or hearing. Today Ai-Media provides AI-enhanced captioning, transcription, described video and language translation services to clients in over ten languages across four continents.


Ai-Media’s rapid growth posed technology scaling challenges for which Agile Digital was chosen to work with the team at Ai-Media team to deliver:

  • Capability through new “ways of working” in software teams to develop and deliver high-quality products to market faster.
  • Capacity through efficient and effective use of hyperscale cloud computing.
  • Scale through near real-time data integrations across global systems to help management stay out front of worldwide operations.


An Agile Digital delivery team was selected by Ai-Media to serve within the business in advisory and systems research & development roles. We took a phased focus on:

  • Agile Practices (Techniques & Tools) – Coaching on “agile ways of working” to rapidly design, deliver, and sustain world class digital platforms and products.
  • Cloud Uplift (Transformation of On-Premises Technology) – Demonstrating scalable efficiency by transforming media compute and storage workloads into elastic cloud services.
  • Digital Transformation (Automation for Global Scale) – Helping Ai-Media to deliver more customer services faster by becoming “digitally native” in how it conceives, delivers, and automates its operations around the globe.


Together we successfully:

  • Transitioned on-premises media processing pipelines to a scalable cloud-native capability reducing costs and speed / response time in servicing customer orders.
  • Scaled development team capabilities and enterprise architecture practices reducing the time-to-market for delivering great products.
  • Developed real-time dashboards to support evidence-based decision-making by leaders throughout the business.
  • Integrated business platforms to break down silos to collaboratively create more value for customers.

“We’ve worked with Agile Digital for over two years now, and they’ve delivered successfully on each digital initiative they’ve executed with us. I’ve no hesitation in recommending Agile Digital for anybody seeking digital natives who think strategically and work collaboratively in creating platforms and products fit for the world stage.”

Tony Abrahams, CEO & Co-Founder, Ai-Media

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